10 Myths about Personal Branding

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10 Myths about Personal Branding

When I started my journey of crafting my Personal Brand, I had assumptions in my mind. I wasn’t sure if it’s the right thing to invest my time in.

But today when I look back I see that investment in Personal Branding gave me 10X results in my professional life.

In this post, I am going to debunk all the Myths about Personal Branding:

1. Personal branding is not for employees:

I have seen employees struggling to get a job through their network, because they never invested in their personal brand.

2. Personal branding is about having your own website:

Having a website is just one small part of crafting your personal brand on the internet. A personal website is ten percent of crafting a brand.

3. Personal branding is about you:

People don’t like people who are self-obsessed. If you talk about yourself all the time, no one will talk about you.

4. Personal branding happens on social media:

Social media is just a way to reach out to people. You can use your business, job, hobbies and interests to craft your personal brand.

5. Personal branding is time consuming:

You can craft your personal brand by investing just 30 minutes a day. It’s an investment in your future.

6. Personal branding is about selling:

If you sell, you will push people away. Branding yourself as an expert gives you more returns than becoming a salesman.

7. Personal branding is about becoming who you are not:

People love originality, they want to know what your life stands for. Personal branding is about becoming who you are.

8. Personal branding can’t sustain my business:

Personal branding gives you highest returns in the market. You can not only earn huge money but become a cult figure too.

9. Personal branding doesn’t happen inside the organization:

If you fail to build your brand internally, you will miss out on growth opportunities, people will overlook your efforts and you will pay a huge price in the end.

10. Personal branding is not for everyone:

Personal branding is not just for people, but for pets too! I have seen people raising hundreds of thousands of dollars by crafting a brand for their pets on social media. Personal branding is the future.

If you have read this far, it means you have the spark to craft an amazing personal brand. Don’t let this spark die, fuel it by studying more about Personal branding.

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