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Why your Personal Brand isn’t delivering results

“People don’t like my posts.”

“They don’t comment on my status messages.”

“People don’t reach out to me on social media.”

“When I ask for help, they don’t respond!”

“People ignore me.”

I keep receiving such messages in my inbox. Everyday I receive three or four queries on how to build a Personal Brand. People complain that they spend several hours on social media, but they aren’t getting any results. So, if you are facing a similar challenge, it’s time for you to ask these five questions:

  • Q 1: Are you Regular?

When I signed up on LinkedIn, I was waiting for things to happen. I uploaded my profile picture, added work experience and I filled up all the major fields in my profile. And then I was waiting for people to reach out to me. But nothing happened for months. I made a mistake. I learned that it’s not enough to make a LinkedIn profile, you must show up everyday.

Show up everyday!

  • Q 2: Are you a Spectator?

I used to scroll through my LinkedIn, Facebook wall, without liking or commenting on any post – I was passive! I have learned that to leverage the power of social media, you must be active.

You must be actively involved in conversations, you must be actively engaged with your network. The point is you got to be an active participant.

  • Q 3: Are you a Taker?

Everyday, I receive sales messages on social media platforms. They would start like this –

“Would you be interested in changing your life/income/business etc? We offer A,B,C,D…Let me know if you interested.”

They are more interested in selling their product than understanding what I need. They don’t want to hear my story, they are not concerned about my needs, they are not interested in me, they only want to sell, sell and sell! This doesn’t work in today’s world. I call such people as “Takers”. You can’t be a “taker” and succeed in developing a personal brand.

  • Q 4: Are you Social?

If you want to establish a social media brand, you must show your craft on social media. You got to tell people what you do, why you do and how you make it happen. To assume that “you build it and people will show up” isn’t the right strategy. In today’s time, everyone has access to internet. You can upload your video, image, message on social media within seconds. You can show your talent to people across the world with a single click.

The world is waiting to hear from you.

  • Q 5: Are you an Original?

Copying others won’t help. At best you will become a good “copy.” If you act like someone else, people will figure out, they will feel it in their heart. They will know that it’s not you. Instead, don’t be afraid to be who you are. People will love your scars, they will love your stories, they will love you for who you are.

Be vulnerable and show that you are a human.

When you make mistakes, it tells people that you are like them. It tells them that you have the courage to show up. It tells them that you are working your way up. That’s what people like. Be who you are.

Now, the hard reality:

Whether you like social media or not, it doesn’t matter. The truth you can’t deny is that Social Media will define your future. Businesses are going online! Even the local grocery store near your house has a Facebook page!

From hiring employees to generating business leads, social media is the way forward. Your customers are spending more time on social media than meeting people face to face, recruiters don’t have time to take calls or read long emails, they are using social channels to find the right talent.

If you are not there on social media, you will miss the party.

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