10 guarded secrets behind Brand Modi

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10 guarded secrets behind Brand Modi

Ever heard of the “brand” Narendra Modi?

He is not just the Prime Minister of the World’s largest democracy, but he is a successful brand in World politics. He fascinates people with his words, but his secret sauce is branding.

We invested a lot of time to decode his secret strategies and after a lot of research here in this blog we share our findings. The best thing is that even you can build your own brand, by following his success formula.

Why re-invent the wheel, use these strategies to build your own brand

1. Have a larger than life vision

He has always been a Visionary leader. He doesn’t talk about himself, he talks about people – I heard one of his speeches and he said, “If 125 crore people work together; India will move forward 125 crore steps.” Now that’s a larger than life Vision.

2. Simplify your language

Whether it’s ‘Acche Din’, Sabka Vikaas’ and ‘Sab ka Saath’ or his initiatives, the ‘Startup India, ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’, ‘Make in India’ and ‘Smart Cities’, they all give him recall value. You know why, because a common man can connect with these phrases. They are simple to understand, don’t be verbose.

3. Be a networking rockstar

He has travelled across the globe, he has been invited by several leaders from countries like the US, Germany, Russia etc. He is always in a look out for opportunities where he can connect with World leaders. So for you, that means, step up, be proactive and reach out to people.

4. Show up consistently

Modi has been giving around 19 speeches every month since he has become the PM. By the time you will read this post, the figure might have gone up!


5. Become a social media sensation

A YouTube sensation

Whether it’s Twitter (26.2m), Facebook (42.7m), Instagram (12.9m), YouTube (8.97L) or his Official Mobile App (5m), he has build his brand on all major social media channels.

6. Connect 360 degrees

He has consciously connected with the Youth, Urban, and Middle-Class. He knows what appeals to his target audience and he gives that to them.

7. Become a story-telling machine:

He uses stories from his life to win hearts. Whether it’s about his poverty-stricken childhood, his love for Photography and Poetry, his relief work with friends for a flood when he was 9 years old or his early morning regime, he intrigues his fans with tales which they can relate to and inspire from. He chose his Country over and above his Personal Life, long back.

8. Develop a laser-like positive focus

Instead of focussing too much on the post-Godhra riots, he focused on building a Strong, Positive image.

9. Keep your personal brand separate

Brand Modi has overshadowed his own party, BJP! But the good thing is that his party used his brand to reach out to the masses. It’s a win-win situation.

10. Hire Professionals

Do you think he creates his own content every time? Do you think he writes his own posts or blogs every moment? No! There is a professional team managing the show at the backend, so that he can focus on what he does best – leading the Nation. Even you can’t do it all alone, you need professionals to help you reach out to the market.

Its time you up the game, and build your own personal brand.

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