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Students! Get a job using your Personal Brand?

Story of a Student

She wasn’t tensed about college placements! She was busy uploading her 92nd video on YouTube, while others were moving around in the campus, not knowing what to do. The next day she went for the interview, and she aced it. She got the job. You know why?

She had something more to offer. She had more than just a MBA degree!

You don’t need to be a topper, here’s why?

She wasn’t the topper of her batch, she didn’t have extra ordinary achievements; she was an ordinary candidate with an extra-ordinary Personal Brand. She was known as the Queen of Blogs on Social media. Her educational videos had more than a million views. She used social media to reach out to the right people.

She had a rocking social media following.

What’s does it mean for you?

You don’t need to have a million views to crack interviews, you don’t need to be the King or Queen of blogs on social media. But you must have something more than just a college degree.

You must have a solid Personal Brand.

Yes, you read it right!

If you are tired of getting rejected in spite of your excellent credentials, you might want to UP your chances of getting through the selection process. Here are four main pointers to crack the interview code, using Personal branding techniques:

1. Rocking Social Media Presence

In today’s time recruiters zero down on candidates based on their social media presence. A candidate who has a blog, writes amazing content, engages with his/her followers and has a unique style of mesmerizing people will obviously be chosen over the other, you know why, because –

Competence is not enough to thrive in the Corporate World.

2. Gemlike Authenticity

We all have heard about the importance of packaging a good product in the right manner. The same goes for your personal brand! Your dressing, poise, body language, and your personality as a whole, should go with your personal brand image.

Recruiters usually shortlist a candidate who genuinely represents the brand he stands for.

3. Top of the mind Recall

Like any brand that seeks awareness and recall value, if you are one of those people who is well connected, socially active and well-known, the ball is very much in your court! You know why? It’s because recruiters are loaded with thousands of job applications.

Top of the mind recall will help you find the right place on a recruiter’s desk.

4. Being Open and Honest

Today, recruiters want to know about your career plans for the next five years, leanings from past experiences and unique skill sets which differentiate you from others. Personal Branding is the only answer as neither your academics nor the work experience can satiate their desire to find these answers from you!

Share your experience on social media

What are you waiting for? Stop fretting about lost opportunities, start fresh – start building up your Personal brand and make a grand entry in the corporate arena.

Job Seeker’s Guide to Personal Branding




In today’s dynamic times, competence is not enough to sustain you in the market. With hundreds of competent professionals being churned out into the market on an almost daily basis; there’s no dearth of qualified candidates.

If you are looking out for a job, that means:

  1. The right people HAVE to notice you really quickly;
  2. The right people MUST respond to your messages.
  3. The right people MUST reach out to you.
  4. The right people MUST pick you; when they have to choose between yourself and an equally exceptional competitor.
  5. The right people MUST be ready to pay a premium for your services.
  6. And lastly, the right people MUST be on your side at the right time.

The purpose of this E-book is to get you closer to your dream job through Personal Branding. It is a practical guide, which can be used to get desired results promptly. I would suggest that you carry a notepad and a pencil and do the required exercises to get maximum benefit out of it.

Old rule: Get good education, find a job and retire with benefits.

New rule: Get good education, brand yourself right, make companies pay a premium for your services.


Download the E-Book and UP YOUR CHANCES!

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