10 Straightforward Ways to Reach Out to your Tribe

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10 Straightforward Ways to Reach Out to your Tribe

Based on research put out by Experian, 80% of marketers promote their content through social media.

This number is all good, but one question most business owners try to answer before dipping their foot into the wide ocean of social media is, how do we reach the right people?

Below are ten ways to reach out to the right people on social media. It is safe to note that there are many more ways but the ones listed here are to serve as a springboard to launch you into targeted reach that would lead to higher conversions.

1. Customer Survey

Before jumping into social media marketing, it is a good idea to survey your real customers and determine which social networks they prefer. Be sure to ask your current customers honest questions that would help you achieve the campaign goals you have in mind. You can use google forms and other available tools to facilitate the collection of this data. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What is your favorite social media network?
  • Are you an avid reader of blogs? (if yes, name them)
  • What accounts do you follow and why?

2. Identify Your Audience

This is a crucial step. Before doing anything else, you have to identify your audience. Who is your product/service geared towards? What age bracket do you intend to reach? These and other questions should keep you grounded as you seek out people that are likely to purchase or patronize you.

3. Decide on a Channel

One recurring mistake first-timers make is going all out on every social media site. Doing this thins out your resources, concentration and efficacy. Use the data gleaned from the customer survey to determine where your target customers are likely to hang out. Each social media site has an area in which they thrive, knowing this and tailoring your reach accordingly would be a very effective strategy.

4. Connect

Now that you know who your customers are and where they hang out, it is time to connect with them. You can do this by following the same accounts that they follow, join groups they belong to or like pages created by your competitors. Facebook’s Audience Insights is a tool that would help you narrow down the variables.

5. Tailor Your Content

Content creation tends to be overlooked by most businesses. This is self-sabotage. Create tailored and curated content that your audience resonates and jive with. Of course, this requires effort, but the pay off makes it all the better.

6. Ask Questions

Once in a while, ask questions. Most times, your customers don’t know what you expect of them, asking them questions helps you know their frame of mind and how far they are down the buying funnel.

7. Engaging Posts Always

Creating great content cannot be overemphasized. It is imperative to know the changes being implemented on the platform(s) you choose and how they would best serve your business.

8. Visual Quotes

Quotes serve as motivational coffee and add that pep we all need. Research has shown that people see a picture and decide within ⅕ of a second to read or ignore the text associated with it. Why don’t you use this information to guide your next post?

9. Be Helpful

Be genuinely interested in your customers. Be human in your approach and replies. This helps promote your business as people conscious and help-centric.

10. Quit Being Salesy

This should be something you know by now.

It may seem to be counter-intuitive but just being helpful while posting engaging posts will get you more sales than you think.

Go ahead and try it.

As was already stated, this list is only a starter guide.

Spending time on each item would be a wise investment for your business and would grant you audience insights that are invaluable.

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