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Bhagavad Gita Leadership Series Post 5 – Torn between Relationships and Work, what to do?

As Arjuna’s chariot is stationed between both the armies he sees uncles, grand uncles, brothers and cousins, sons and nephews and grand nephews, even so, father in law and well-wishers on both sides. Even the most revered Gurus were standing in opposition. On seeing this sight Arjuna feels deep compassion and speaks his heart out[...]
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Bhagavad Gita Leadership Series Post 4 – The tools you need to master the restless mind?

Today, everyone is trying to control thoughts, actions and attitudes of people around. Parents trying to control their children, married couples trying to control their partners, friends trying to control other friends, managers trying to control their employees and so on. But what about control over our own selves? It is far easy to control[...]
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Bhagavad Gita Leadership Series Post 2 – How to strike a balance in chaos?

Everyday going to office with an expectation of having a positive day, visualizing that everything would turn out as expected, thinking that everything will flow perfect – customers will be friendly, the boss would be happy and our colleagues will enjoy working with us. That’s the ideal world we expect, but lesser do we know[...]
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