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Crash Course in Storytelling with Nishit

Story telling can help you.. Develop a Personal Brand. Become a Prolific Speaker. Communicate Effectively. Mesmerise the Audience. Develop an Attractive personality. WHERE TO START “Not a writer? Don’t worry, practice Heart Writing! ” #What is heart writing? No Topic! No Time limit! No Compulsion! No Mind/Thinking! Yes, you read it right. #How to practice[...]
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Killer Networking Strategies for Dummies

He: “Nishit, I do not receive likes on my posts.” Me: “Since how long have you been active on social networks?” He: “One month.” That’s the problem with us, we want instant results. My take is that you need to invest your time in building a community. Don’t aim to sell, sell and sell. Aim[...]
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An Uber Driver taught me Entrepreneurship

Uber conversations are trending everywhere. Here is my story of how I met this awesome Uber driver who taught me lessons in Entrepreneurship. I never thought a commute to my office would be an educative experience for me. As I took the cab, we started a small talk on the local traffic conditions which steered[...]
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