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How to invoke Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction states that you have the power to manifest your desires using the power of thought. And this begins by a simple act of giving. Giving starts the receiving process. Giving changes the way you feel about yourself because it makes you feel rich. The feeling (emotion) plays an important role in[...]
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Why Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you?

You might have tried a lot to manifest your dreams through law of attraction, may be by thinking positive, visualizing or even affirming yourself into attracting your desired life. And in the end, realizing that law of attraction is a disillusion. It is not, that the law doesn’t work, it the resistance we have inside[...]
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Law of Cause and Effect

The law which you may neglect, accept or reject but it works every second of your life and governs the results you get. This is called the Law of Cause and Effect, which says that everything that happens in your life is due to a cause you have set in motion in your past. The[...]
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Why you are not RICH?

It is because you don’t want to become Rich! The statement may seem overboard to you, but it is the fundamental truth that you don’t want to get the unlimited riches available at your disposal. Ever thought why ten percent of the world’s population earning ninety percent of the wealth. There is a reason to it. All[...]
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Trust the blueprint in your Mind

Ever thought how do engineers build a house? They just don’t start constructing – they first make a blueprint of the house of how it will look, from the flooring to the number of rooms to the detailed aesthetics. This blueprint is an anchor for the engineers to use throughout the construction period till they finish constructing. We too decided on a blueprint[...]
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