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Yoga Diaries – When I learned how to eat?

The way you brush your teeth is the way you eat your food – the learning came when i observed people eating their food. Eating your food is just like brushing your teeth – you get up in half sleep, your hand automatically goes on to the brush, with the other hand you put toothpaste, and[...]
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Yoga Diaries – A tryst with Jal-neti

The best part of my Yoga session was spent performing asanas. Theory classes would always help me understand the traditional yog which originated from the spiritual texts. Guru g would share his experience of the greatest yogis and give insights on why yogis emphasized on personal hygiene. He taught us the importance of a healthy body to[...]
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Yoga Diaries – Yoga on the Dinner table

Dinner table and Yoga! Is there a correlation! One of the major myths that had always clouded my mind (and my friends too) was that “Yoga happens on the mat”. This myth stopped me from focusing on the other aspects of Yoga, majorly Diet. But soon i picked up  on this hot topic and started discussing[...]
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Yoga Diaries – When a “crane/bak” taught me few lessons!

I was a gym person, and i loved lifting weights, doing shoulder presses, lunges and pumping up my muscles. I was pretty confident during my first few yoga classes that most of the strength based poses would be a piece of cake, because of my strengths levels (i assumed). One day Guru g’s assistant, Imran, demonstrated[...]
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Yoga Diaries – The first meal and a yoga body

Everyone desires to be at peak levels when it comes to health. Even me too! This became clear to me in my yoga class. After one and a half hours of practical, the theory class started. During the first few classes the most commonly asked question by ladies and a few men like me was[...]
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Yoga Diaries – Getting my mind on the mat

Thank you for the going through my first post on my Yoga journey. For those who missed, check out the link: Yoga Diaries – The life i always wanted to live Here’s the next part- Soon I realised that sitting in a comfortable posture, concentrating on my breathe is a divine experience. Finally time came[...]
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