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Beat the Blues, Extinguish Stress and Spark Life – Mind and Body Edition


No need to bang your head on complex self-help material, instead chose crisp how-to-beat-Stress strategies with this book. This book contains a buffet of tools and strategies that you can experiment with in times of stress.

With this Book you get
1.50 plus time-tested techniques to beat Stress, with
2.Easy to apply To-Dos for each technique, and
3.50 plus powerful stories to spark your life.

What are the facts about Stress?
“Depression is among the leading causes of disability worldwide.” – World Health Organization
“80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.” – American Institute of Stress
“Approximately 1 out of 75 people may experience panic disorder.” – National Institutes of Mental Health

Are you approaching an early death?
You might be in your 20s but your Body age might be in the 50s. One of the reasons for this aging is Stress. You may be doing all the right things; you might have a six-pack abs or you might be earning a seven-figure income, but you still might be approaching an early death!

It is time to invest time in yourself and apply age old proven strategies to beat stress and live a stress-free life. I write this book because I myself developed hypertension at the age of twenty-three and I recovered myself in time, saving myself from an early heart attack.

How can this book help you look the right age?
This book is a part of the happy living series, focusing on strategies to beat stress by engaging your mind and body. Everyone is different and has a different style of learning, hence I have written one other book: “Beat the Blues, Extinguish Stress, and Spark Life – SOUL & YOGA EDITION,” which covers powerful Soul and Yoga strategies to beat the blues.

How can you use this book to get powerful results?
LEARN. APPLY. TEACH: Apply one strategy per week and see the results before moving to the next one. You might like to read this book in one go, but ensure that you practice the techniques and get results. To make the technique a part of your personality, go beyond practice. Start teaching these strategies to those around you including friends, family, colleagues, or others you know who are facing stress.

Note: This is not a medical book; if you have physical symptoms of stress or depression, consult a doctor. Your health is your top priority. Use the techniques in the book that suit your style and will benefit you most. When you search for a pearl, you will find one.

NOW is the time to beat the Blues, extinguish Stress and spark Life!