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5 Killer Strategies To Develop A Personal Brand

What’s the one thing that comes to your mind when you think about KFC? The Chicken Recipe; What’s the one thing you recall when thinking about Starbucks? I don’t need to answer that; What’s the one thing that strikes your mind when you think of Toyota? It’s Quality; What’s the one thing that hits the cord[...]
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5 Kick-Ass Strategies to Get-up at 5 AM

What’s common between Oprah, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates? They epitomize success, they are passionate about their work, high on energy but what’s uniquely common between them is that they are all members of the 5 AM Club. All of them start their day early. After knowing the benefits of joining the[...]
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5 Life Lessons Learned Writing My First Book

I always had a dream of becoming an author and touching the lives of people through my writing. But I never gathered the courage to write because of the massive effort I had to put in. It was like taking a major chunk of my time and keeping it aside for this purpose. I procrastinated[...]
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4 life lessons at the Breakfast table – a True Story

My job is such an interesting one because it affords me the opportunity to continuously travel and creates opportunities for me to observe individuals all across the country. I recently had a particularly interesting trip that I won’t soon forget because of a chance meeting I had with a violinist. I was enjoying breakfast at[...]
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